Adding a keyword to reftest style manifests#

Reftests use a series of runtime and build properties to skip or allow for pixels to not match.

Current behavior#

Currently, gecko builds generate a target.mozinfo.json with metadata about the build. An example target.mozinfo.json might look like this. This is consumed in the reftest harness and translated into keywords that reftest uses:


In this case, cocoaWidget and isDebugbuild are keywords (that are defined in the reftest harness). Keywords are essentially booleans in mozinfo, since we don’t have to compare them to something like os == 'win'.

The test will download the build’s target.mozinfo.json, then in addition to the mozinfo, will query runtime info from the browser to build a sandbox of keywords. This logic lives in manifest.jsm.

How to add a keyword#

For manifestparser, we add info to mozinfo, but for reftest, we need to add it to the sandbox. For example, for Apple Silicon, we can add an apple_silicon keyword with a patch like this:

--- a/layout/tools/reftest/manifest.jsm
+++ b/layout/tools/reftest/manifest.jsm
@@ -572,16 +572,18 @@ function BuildConditionSandbox(aURL) {

    // Set OSX to be the Mac OS X version, as an integer, or undefined
    // for other platforms.  The integer is formed by 100 times the
    // major version plus the minor version, so 1006 for 10.6, 1010 for
    // 10.10, etc.
    var osxmatch = /Mac OS X (\d+).(\d+)$/.exec(hh.oscpu);
    sandbox.OSX = osxmatch ? parseInt(osxmatch[1]) * 100 + parseInt(osxmatch[2]) : undefined;

+    sandbox.apple_silicon = sandbox.cocoaWidget && sandbox.OSX>=11;
    // Plugins are no longer supported.  Don't try to use TestPlugin.
    sandbox.haveTestPlugin = false;

    // Set a flag on sandbox if the windows default theme is active
    sandbox.windowsDefaultTheme = g.containingWindow.matchMedia("(-moz-windows-default-theme)").matches;

    try {
        sandbox.nativeThemePref = !prefs.getBoolPref("widget.disable-native-theme-for-content");

To use this, you would just edit a manifest similar to this:

--- a/layout/reftests/table-bordercollapse/reftest.list
+++ b/layout/reftests/table-bordercollapse/reftest.list
@@ -29,58 +29,58 @@ random-if(/^Windows\x20NT\x206\.1/.test(
== bc_dyn_table1.html bc_dyn_table1_ref.html
== bc_dyn_table2.html bc_dyn_table2_ref.html
== bc_dyn_table3.html bc_dyn_table3_ref.html
== bc_borderoffset1.html bc_borderoffset1_ref.html
== bc_borderoffset2.html bc_borderoffset2_ref.html
== frame_above_rules_all.html frame_above_rules_all_ref.html
== frame_above_rules_cols.html frame_above_rules_cols_ref.html
== frame_above_rules_groups.html frame_above_rules_groups_ref.html
-== frame_above_rules_none.html frame_above_rules_none_ref.html
+fuzzy-if(apple_silicon,1-1,281-281) == frame_above_rules_none.html frame_above_rules_none_ref.html
== frame_above_rules_rows.html frame_above_rules_rows_ref.html
== frame_below_rules_all.html frame_below_rules_all_ref.html
== frame_below_rules_cols.html frame_below_rules_cols_ref.html
== frame_below_rules_groups.html frame_below_rules_groups_ref.html