Maintaining this Documentation


Release Engineering has a wide variety of documentation, served from various locations. Per Releng RFC 0007, we want to use this as a central location for Release Engineering documentation, but will link to other locations from here when that makes sense.

We likely need to go through these docs and clean up.

Building the docs locally

  1. Git clone the build-relengdocs repository <>

  2. Create a python virtualenv

  3. pip install -r rtfd-requirements.txt

  4. make html will build the docs locally. Verify any changes by viewing _build/html/index.html

  5. Any new docs should be directly or indirectly linked to from index.rst. (For example, if index.rst contains balrog/index.rst in its toctree, and the new doc is in the balrog/index.rst toctree, then the new doc is successfully indirectly linked.)

  6. We support both markdown .md and reStructuredText .rst files. The former may be simpler to write and use; the latter have more powerful linking and nesting capabilities. See the Sphinx docs for documentation.

Documenting Source Code


old instructions; we may want to revisit!

We use Sphinx to generate our code documentation, and host it on Read the Docs. There are two major phases to this: