Firefox Beta Release

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blockdiag RelEng Rel Mgmt Automated Processes QE Determine L10N change sets Initiate release Build everything functional & local up dater testing Decide build will be a GO cdn updater testing push installers to mi rrors push updaters live verify live updaters make fully visible Success!



Determine L10N changesets

Finalize and ship L10N

Initiate release

Start release via Ship-It! application

Build everything

Automation will build installers and updaters for all locales and all platforms. (Progress emails are sent, some of which enable QE to begin phases of testing. That level of detail is not shown in this diagram.)

functional & local updater testing

initiated by automated email “Updates available on beta-localtest”
QE tests all produced artifacts, obtained via internal links.

Decide build will be a GO

Manual email from QE initiates
Decide if this build is acceptable, or another is needed. Restart process for new build.

cdn updater testing

initiated by automated email “Updates available on beta-cdntest”
QE verifies installers are properly accessible, and updates are served via normal mechanisms.

push installers to mirrors

automatic for beta 2 on
Push Installers and updaters to Mirrors

push updaters live

Manual email from QE and Completion of update_verify initiates
Deploy the updater artifacts to the production release site. End users will be offered updates at this point.

verify live updaters

Manual email from RelEng initiates
QE verifies that updates are available to end users.

make fully visible

Manual email from QE initiates
Do final clean up of the release, including making visible on the FTP servers.


Everything completed for this release.


All “RelEng” steps in the “Description” column above are taken from our checklist for Firefox Releases.