As of June 26, 2019, we started signing mac builds on the mac notarization pool (Fx69). These tasks also notarize the signed builds, and create signed pkg installers.


A machine list is here.

We’re working on adding deployment support to ronin-puppet. Currently we need to ssh in to debug and deploy fixes.

General workflow

IScript will:

  • extract the files from a dmg

  • sign widevine and omnija (autograph signing)

  • sign mac, without the mac signing servers

  • create a zipfile of the .app files

  • send that zipfile to Apple for notarization

  • poll Apple for notarization status

  • on success, “staple” the notarization to the app

  • create tarballs of the .app files

  • create .pkg installers and sign them


The code used is here.

An error like iscript.exceptions.TimeoutError: Timed out polling for uuid aa2dc2bc-9059-426e-a292-0bfb575a337b! means that Apple has taken too long to notarize. We may want to bump the `notarization_poll_timeout <>`__ everywhere. Generally a rerun has fixed this issue.


Aki, Nick, and Simon know notarization the best, and can help debug.