Known Problems

This page contains some known issues with the FirefoxCI cluster, what they’re symptoms are and how to resolve them.

Actions are broken after modifying .taskcluster.yml

Anytime someone modifies .taskcluster.yml, the hooks need to be re-generated since they depend on the hash of this file.


Action tasks will fail to run. Sheriffs will likely be the first to notice this and will close the trees due to retriggers and backfills not working.


Re-run ci-admin. The easiest way is to land a change to the ci-configuration repo, though it can also be done manually (see CI-Admin). Upon deployment complete in Jenkins (see #releng-notifications), actions will be working again.


We wanted to avoid action hooks having an intermediary task, a la:

hook ->
intermediary task clones repo, triggers hook task through .taskcluster.yml ->
hook task runs the desired action

Instead, we went with:

hash-named hook with .taskcluster.yml baked in ->
hook task runs the desired action

This means that whenever .taskcluster.yml changes, we need to rebuild the hooks.

Missing Scopes after Branch Rename

Some repos have specific scopes associated with a named branch, so e.g if we’re changing master -> main, there may be failures.


Tasks start failing due to scopes errors.


Scan the ci-configuration repo for your project and see if we were granting any special scopes to the old branch. If so, update the name to the new branch and land.