Uploading an image

This assumes you have taskgraph installed in a virtualenv, you have docker installed and are logged in via docker login, and you’ve already built the trusted docker image via a level 3 docker image task.

  • load the image. Docker should be running; you should be logged into docker. Activate your taskgraph virtualenv and download+load the image:

    taskgraph load-image --task-id CDDoj06lSTSQ6qs5teT-CA

This will download public/image.tar.zst into docker.

  • tag the image:

    docker tag image_builder mozillareleases/image_builder:5.0.0
  • inspect the image:

    docker inspect image_builder

This will give us a RepoDigests with the image digest sha256:

"RepoDigests": [
  • push the image:

    docker push mozillareleases/image_builder:5.0.0

The sha256 from the output from this command is important should match the digest sha256 from the docker inspect command:

(tgenv) akimoz: ~/src/gecko/mozilla-unified (4ee63a7) [11:47:39]
10107$ docker push mozillareleases/image_builder:5.0.0
The push refers to repository [docker.io/mozillareleases/image_builder]
ba32b4fa8f05: Pushed
5.0.0: digest: sha256:e510a9a9b80385f71c112d61b2f2053da625aff2b6d430411ac42e424c58953f size: 528