Project: codecoverage/bot

contact:Marco Castelluccio, (backup Release Management)

This project implements two things:

  1. A task that runs on every mozilla-central push and uploads coverage reports to and
  2. A task that is run weekly and generates:

These artifacts can be obtained from the taskcluster index.

Is the code coverage project working correctly?

To test and verify that codecoverage/bot is running correctly please follow the following steps:

  1. Trigger the codecoverage/bot hook manually;
  2. Check that there are no errors with the triggered tasks;
  3. Verify the files chunk_mapping.tar.xz, web-platform-tests.tar.xz, zero_coverage_files.json are uploaded to;
  4. Verify contains a reasonable number of files (usually > 8000).

Most of the features of the task can be checked with the steps above.

The last feature, upload to and, can only be verified after waiting for a new push on mozilla-central. After that happens, pulselistener should trigger a codecoverage/bot task which should result in a new report being uploaded to and