Slide Decks#

Chain of Trust#

Making Chain of Trust a part of the Taskcluster Platform#

From 2020.03.

Ideally we can secure release pipelines inside the Taskcluster Platform itself, rather than create and maintain Chain of Trust as a security layer on top of Taskcluster. This presentation is one way we could do so.

Artifact Integrity, Worker Identity, and the Chain of Trust in the Taskcluster Platform

Chain of Trust lightning talk#

From 2020.11.

High level overview of the Chain of Trust.

Chain of Trust lightning talk


Measuring CI#

From 2018.11, part of our effort to reduce costs.

Measuring CI

Partner Repacks#

From 2020.04.

Partner Repacks

Release Promotion, the ☃ model#

From 2021.

Release Promotion, the ☃ model

XPI Signing#

From 2019.11.

XPI Signing

Mac Signing#

From 2019.08.

Notarization of Firefox on macOS