Uploading an image#


This assumes you have taskgraph installed in a virtualenv, you have docker installed and are logged in via docker login, and you’ve already built the trusted docker image via a level 3 docker image task.

  • load the image. Docker should be running; you should be logged into docker. Activate your taskgraph virtualenv and download+load the image:

    taskgraph load-image --task-id CDDoj06lSTSQ6qs5teT-CA

This will download public/image.tar.zst into docker.

decision images#

At the time of writing, there are 2 decision images: a general one and gecko’s. The former is built against the taskgraph repo, while gecko_decision is built in mozilla-central They are only rebuilt whenever a change is detected by the respective decision task. You may want to upload them on DockerHub so that decision tasks that are using these images can load them. The procedure is similar to the one above.

  1. Load the image (see above)

  2. Tag. For the generic image:

    docker tag decision:latest mozillareleases/taskgraph:decision-$TC_INDEX_HASH

where $TC_INDEX_HASH is found in the routes of the taskcluster task that generated the image. Eg: $TC_INDEX_HASH is 5a222cefd6dd1397487a7b70f450a4ab16cf5eed71e126e34928b26d4ccf7577 when the route is index.taskgraph.cache.level-3.docker-images.v2.decision.hash.5a222cefd6dd1397487a7b70f450a4ab16cf5eed71e126e34928b26d4ccf7577.

For the gecko-specific image:

docker tag decision:latest mozillareleases/gecko_decision:$VERSION

where $VERSION is the contents of taskcluster/docker/decision/VERSION (which should have been updated ahead of the image build).

  1. Push the image:

    docker push mozillareleases/taskgraph:decision-$TC_INDEX_HASH


docker push mozillareleases/gecko_decision:$VERSION
  1. Land the change in-tree. See this example


If uploading an image that bumps the version of Mercurial being used, make sure to bump the checkout cache version. See Missing Mercurial features when Cloning the Repo for more information.

build-decision image#

Usually this will only be needed for re-pinnning the requirements, or minor changes to the image running hooks. If you don’t have a token, you will need to login to dockerhub and create a CLI token. The credentials for mozillareleases user is in sops.

  1. [optional] Re-pin the requirements:

  2. Commit your changes, submit a PR, merge, wait for build-decision task to show up in treeherder

  3. Load the image (see above).

  4. Tag the image with your commit hash (get the hash from treeherder or hg --debug id -i)

    docker image tag build-decision mozillareleases/build-decision:86cc5419c32996b7d78422d7fed33ce79576f8eb

  5. Push the image to dockerhub

  6. Now you should be able to update the image URL in hg-push-template and cron-task-template